SE-4000FA Digitalt slutsteg 2x800W 8ohm

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Vårt prestigeslutsteg med prestanda i klass med de allra bästa på marknaden. 800W i 8 ohm, 4000W bryggkopplat i 4 ohm. Ställbar uteffekt.


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Another outstanding efficiency contribution for the FA series is the stable switching power supply (R.SMPS), which can improves the stability of the output stage supply voltage, even with large fluctuations in the main power supply voltage, it also can be maintained stable power output; the newly designed high-precision circuit board wiring of R.SMPS and the FTD output class are complementally for each other, so that the FA series has a strong power and more numbers of channels.

FA series with the VPL adjustable output voltage limiter, the amplifier is applied to any system.

All-round protection systems: with over current, DC, the ultra-high frequency (VHF), short-circuits, the main power fuse protection circuitry and soft start circuitry. In order to maintain a suitable working temperature under extremely harsh conditions.

The FA series use one thousand copper heat cooling sink to enhance the rapid cooling ability for the cooling of exposed components, and, all cooling components are located in the same air flow cross-section, in order to get the same cooling effect, while the FA series power amplifier products it is sufficient to meet all the high-end positioning projects.

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